' Every school should teach Gardening because food is kind of important.'
Super Specialty Jobs
  • Vertical Gardens
  • Hydroponics
  • Miniature Gardens
  • Mat Grassing, Vertical Grassing
  • Irrigation Planning
  • Fountains
  • Pest Management
  • CSR
Vertical Gardens: For areas with space constraint, vertical gardens are created. These are new concept gardens.
Hydroponics: This is growing of plants and vegetables in soil-less culture. This is suitable for growing plants in flats and rooftops.
Miniature Gardens: This is art of creating miniature gardens with the concept of bringing nature in miniature.
Mat grassing, vertical grassing: To create overnight garden effect, we undertake mat grassing. This is also done to treat almost ‘vertical surfaces’ in case of dumps.
Irrigation planning: Drip irrigation, sprinklers, jets, pop-ups, underground irrigation
Fountains: All kind of fountain including the musical fountain
Pest Management
CSR: CSR services for corporate is a necessity for today's companies. To maintain a competitive advantage, companies must expand Community Relations and Foundation programs all over the world. Dr Green helps you fulfil this and make a difference on the ground as well.
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