' Every school should teach Gardening because food is kind of important.'
Services Undertaken:
  • Industrial environment planning
  • Farm houses
  • Public Places
  • Educational institutions
  • Marriage palaces
  • Residential
  • Terrace or Roof Gardens
  • Clubs, Health Resorts, Adventure resorts and Hotels:
  • Expertise
  • Theme Gardens
  • Indoor planting
Industrial Environment Planning: It is now mandatory for any industry to obtain environment clearance and a specific planting plan is needed for this. We are well aware about the industrial needs and also about the kind of plants suitable for different kind of industry. Moreover, the landscape planning has to be worker friendly that is one aspect the foreign collaborators appreciate.
Farm Houses: The farm house is made with the sole purpose of relaxing for the family, to be away from the hustles of life on weekends or any convenient point of time. If planned properly, it could also provide produce for the family for all the year around
Public Places: The planting needs of public places are different keeping in mind the footfall and requirements. The planting plan has to be minimum maintenance plan and also to make the place inviting and fragrant.
Educational Institutions: The planning in educational institutions has to be as green laboratory, to improve environment and be a source of education. There have to be facilities for botanical studies and study of life sciences. We plan the educational institutes keeping in mind such aspects.
Marriage Palaces: Marriage is once in a lifetime occasion for the family as well as those attending it. The occasion has to be memorable and for this the designing is done accordingly. There also have to be features for children interest so as to keep them busy.
Residential: landscape planning of residences is very important. As the area is limited, it has to fulfil requirements of various aspects right from privacy, beautification to kitchen gardening. In specialised kind one could create miniature gardens, Japanese gardens, water features, Vertical gardens, hydroponics, sitting places, children corner etc.
Terrace or Roof Gardens: Those living in multiple flat cultures too have a right to a good garden. However, it is highly specialized work and needs careful planning.
Clubs, Health Resorts, Adventure resorts and Hotels: The planning is done to make such places inviting and meeting the required needs. For example in case of Health resorts there are created facilites for meditation and exercises. Since most of the activities are outdoors, the planting plan and features are developed keeping these things in mind.
Expertise: Expertise is imparted for Floriculture, Vegetable growing, Orcharding, Seed production, Growing of Medicinal and Aromatic plants, Forest planning, Bee keeping, Mushroom growing, Gardens and Orchard raising.
Theme Gardens: Japanese garden, Palm and Cycas gardens, Conifer gardens, Annual garden, English garden, Knot gardens, Medicinal plants garden, Meditation garden, Garden of Peace, Spritual garden, Rose garden, Garden of Five Senses, Children Adventure Parks
Indoor Planting: In certain office premises, hotels or health resorts, clubs etc. garden is created indoors keeping in mind the limited number of plants that should be used keeping in view the harmful effects. Care is also taken to keep poisonous ornamental plants at bay
TOPIARIES: Creating theme specific topiaries.
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