' Every school should teach Gardening because food is kind of important.'
EXECUTION OF PROJECTS: We undertake all the above projects On turn-key basis

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS: it is easy to make a garden but it is all the more important to scientifically maintain the plants and lawn. We undertake annual maintenance contract of gardens, industrial premises, Educational institutes, public places, government gardens, orchards and premises with or without the provision of labour.

CONSULTANCY SERVICE: We help in making projects relating to Mass planting, cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, planning fruit growing, high tech cultivation of flowers, production of essential oils, mushroom growing, bee keeping etc for the purpose of securing loans and actual cultivation. Landscape planning is a science as well as art. It is disturbing to note that planting is being done by those who know nothing about plants with the result that at the time when the best effect of the plants is expected, there is either interference or conflicts of plants with each other or with hard structures. Not only this, the underground facilities are also severely damaged due to wrong planting. It is, therefore, important to make a plan suitable for a given situation. We provide the best planting plan and also do the execution of the work scientifically for the best results.
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